Piensos Costa


The origin of the Costa Food group is linked to Piensos Costa, a leading company in the Spanish pork sector founded in 1966 in Fraga (Huesca). This company was initially dedicated to the buying and selling of grain and, later, of animal feed.

Its first foray into integration with pig farming marked the beginning of a distinctive, unique and innovative business model that still lives on today with Piensos Costa providing shared service coverage to farmers (the supply of animals and feed, veterinary monitoring, etc.). This has produced notable improvements in genetics, as well as a reduction in animal illness and mortality.

This system, which ensures meticulous control and traceability monitoring across all processes, has grown into what is now  Costa Food Group: the second-largest pig producer in the country and one of the main animal agriculture operations in Europe.

  • More than 600 associated farms that have created 1,800 jobs.
  • Feed production: 4 million kg/day --- 170 tonnes/hour.
  • 120,000 sows.
  • 2,800,000 slaughter pigs.

Piensos Costa


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