Grupo Aviserrano is a leading player in the national fresh and processed chicken and turkey market, with an aggregate turnover of over 450 million Euros and nigh on 1,120 employees.

The group comprises the following companies:

  • Avinatur, one of the largest integrative poultry companies in Spain specialising in the production of fresh chicken meat. Over 54 M chickens/year slaughtered; some 400 integrated farms. Oriented towards the industry, Mercadona and retail.
  • Jovi Serrano, processed meat centr specialising in processing chicken and turkey derivatives. An annual production volume of 16.6 M kg products.
  • Paviso Alimentación, a multi-service company in the meat sector specialising in frozen, IQF and cooked processed chicken products
  • Serrano Protein, a recently created company that produces functional and soluble proteins from a base production derived from chicken and turkey as its raw material.

In Andalusia, Grupo Aviserrano currently has a feed factory that supplies over 400 integrated farms, which have an annual production of over 54 million animals. In addition to production centres pertaining to:

  • Feed Production Plant in Guadix
  • Meat Processing Centres in Purullena and El Viso del Alcor
  • Processing and Production Plant in El Meat Processing Centre in El Viso del Alcor
  • Production Plant in Liria

Their team has over 20 years’ experience in the meat sector, with an ongoing desire to ensure excellence in their work, the highest quality products and to look after the environment.

In their pursuit of continuous improvement, the group has the BRC and IFS certificates, the most stringent in the sector internationally, aside from having implemented certification in Animal Welfare, Halal and SAE level 3. All their processes are based around integrity and oversight to ensure everything from the raw materials through to the end products that reach their clients.