19 May, 2021

Piensos Costa awarded the AENOR certification for the Production of Animals Free of Antibiotics

By means of a number of tests, this certification guarantees that the animals have been raised without antibiotics at all stages in their growth from weaning […]
12 May, 2021

Casademonte launches the first spreadable fuet: a bona fide innovation revolutionising the fuet sector

Just a few months after launching #Fuetdiversidad, responding to market trends with over 10 new varieties of fuet, Casademont presents this brand-new product featuring all the […]
13 April, 2021

Villar launches its new range of sliced meats “Maestros del Corte”

Industrias Cárnicas Villar, a leading company in the Iberian hams and cold meats sector, is to increase its assortment of value-added formats with the launch of […]
12 April, 2021

Grupo Empresarial Costa acquires Roler to strengthen its position in fresh meat processing

This historic brand has joined the Costa Food Group holding, which significantly increases its presence in terms of the end consumer Roler, with plants in Extremadura […]
17 February, 2021

Grupo Empresarial Costa, one of the companies driving the strategy for the modernisation of the meat industry in Spain

Grupo Empresarial Costa is one of the 21 Spanish meat producers that have come together to present a joint project to structurally modernise the sector in […]
26 January, 2021


Casademont has returned to the fuet market stronger than ever, launching more than 10 varieties that embrace the new market trends, with its renowned quality, innovation […]