Commitment to welfare


At Costa Food Group, we work for welfare: our motto, ‘Natural from the source’, is a firm declaration of intent. In particular, we put great emphasis on caring for animals and the envir Commitment to welfareonment and we aim to guarantee product safety and quality as well as consumer satisfaction.

Our concern for animal well-being does not depend on one factor alone, but on many; this requires constant supervision and monitoring alongside a process of continuous improvement.

With this in mind, at Costa Food Group, we take on a commitment to welfare based on caring for animals from a holistic point of view: good feed, good living conditions, good health and appropriate behaviour. And we maintain that the evaluation of animal welfare should focus on animals, rather than their handling, facilities or the production system.

Only in this way can we produce more sustainable and efficient models that will connect the group with consumers through our strong existing commitment to caring for health, as well as consolidating our position as a leader in the meat industry.


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